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Cloud Inc.

We believe in providing a great digital work experience equivalent to your consumer digital experience. Over the last 5 years Cloud Inc has taken the best of the open web technologies and the best of the trusted Microsoft Enterprise and combined them into modern yet practical solutions to allow organisations to facilitate innovation and flexible working conditions. 

We take our design thinking approach into everything we do whether it be building Intranets that form the base of a digital workplace, custom applications to meet specific needs or even balancing a client’s compliance and records management needs.

What We Can Do

  • Digital Workplace Consulting
  • Kaboodle Intranets
  • App Development
  • Electronic Document Records Management & Compliance

We create solutions using the best of Office 365, Azure and other Microsoft cloud services along with the best of the open web. That means you get beautifully designed modern consumer-like experiences with the power and security required for the enterprise. 

Our Kaboodle Intranet allows organisations to rapidly adopt a digital workplace platform faster and with less risk than traditional approaches. 

Our Risk Based Approach to compliance and records management looks at the risk vs reward of meeting all aspects of compliance. 

Meet People Behind
Our Success .

We believe our team have the right balance of user experience focus and technical skills to enable to deliver a great digital workplace. We love the Cloud, we love technology and are passionate about delivering value for our clients. 

Stefan Thieu

Owner – Customer Success Manager
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Digital Workplace Solutions

Cloud Inc have been providing great digital experiences for some of New Zealand’s notable companies. Whether it be building custom intranets, specific applications to meet your business requirements or a delivering mobile experience to staff or customers we bring our strong design focus and technical experience to ensure a successful outcome.

Digital Workplace Services

We understand that no one has unlimited time or budget. Cloud Inc are always pragmatic and focus on the areas that add the greatest value to your workplace. Our “risk-based” approach to compliance and records management enables you to meet your compliance obligations without costing the earth.

Digital Workplace Products

Experience has taught that clients have 80% of the same requirements. Our digital workplace solutions  allow us to deliver flexible platforms in a short time and focus more on the aspects of your business that make you unique. Kaboodle is a beautiful intranet that forms the platform for your digital workplace. Not all organisations need or want a full time expert in compliance and records management. Kaboodle RM is a records management as a service. We take the headache out of your PRA and other compliance obligations.

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Launch of Kaboodle Intranet as a Service

We are very excited and proud to publicly launch our Intranet as a Service product...
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